Chaos Sorcerer of crazy randomness and Stormy Emotions.


Wish List

*Chaos Cloak – the more chaos the better!-
*Stormwalker’s Cloak – love this because my powers seem to be getting pretty storm heavy-
Abyssal Adornment – like this but not as much as the cloaks-
Necklace of Keys – not super high on my priority list, but I dig this for aesthetic reasons as well as for the chance to develop my Thievery/rogue-ish side-

Chaos Weave Dagger? – cautious about this one because I’m not sure what it means by variable resistance
Stormbiter Warblade Dagger – like this with my more storm heavy powers, like Thunder Leap

*Amethyst Band of Invisible Eyes – love this, just for the mind-bendy physics of it…like those guns that shoot around corners!
Ring of Unwelcome Gifting – love that this is in keeping with my Chaos magic…I want more items that reinforce that aspect of my character since I’ll be losing the Deck soon and it’s so central to my character. What I don’t like is that it’s only basic attacks, which I never use.
*Ring of the Radiant Storm – I don’t really have anything yet that lets me reroll attacks or regain powers, so I’m liking this one.
Stormcatcher Ring – I’m digging this one, what with the resistances and the Chaos Bolt-like effect if we’ve hit a milestone.
War Ring? – I really like the properties of this, I’m just not sure how compatible it is with my character…

Diamond Bracers – not the most epic item ever, but definitely useful
Storm Gauntlets? – These would be really awesome if they weren’t for melee attacks. Nothing I have is melee.

Sandals of Precise Stepping – for developing Dexterity based skills
Lightstep Slippers? – pretty high level, I know, but I like the bonus to Stealth and the not-triggering-traps bit
Fireburst Boots? – because they’re just awesome
*Spark Slippers – digging the automatic lightening damage!!
Boots of Withdrawal? – not quite boots of escaping, but pretty close!

Gloves of Transference – like the ability to originate an attack from an ally, useful for bursts and healing and defensive stuff
Gloves of Dimensional Grasp – for developing Thievery skills

*Crown of Infernal Legacy – Extra Infernal Wrath damage!
Eye of Discernment – another one that’s high level, but I eventually do need to do something about my disastrous perception

Belt of Blood – not epic, just useful
Belt of the Witch King – again with the useful…Fortitude is my lowest defense

Skeleton Key – Just a cool thing to have for roleplay

Robe of Defying Storms? – like the healing and resistances…not sure I prefer it over my Shimmering armor though, the lack of opportunity attacks is really great



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