Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-02-12: Githzerai

(An initial note: Sorry for making it so long. I’ll try to be more concise in the future.)

At the end of the previous session, after discovering that Mind Flayers were after us and retreating to Tavni’s lab, we were suddenly confronted by an aggressive group of Githzerai, who were apparently uninterested in any sort of diplomatic solution to whatever problem brought them there.

Last session, we began by fighting off the Githzerai on two fronts: Ecthelion, Tavni, and Vashkyrai in Tavni’s lab, and Thorfin and Pock in the streets of Ye Olde Unnamed Town. The lab battle was made especially interesting when Vashkyrai’s Deck of Many Things began swirling around her and compelling her to draw a card every round. This resulted in, among other things, her falling unconscious, summoning ghouls, becoming conscious, falling unconscious again, and summoning a set of sending stones (which promptly disappeared because the battle was over).

While the party members in the lab were ultimately victorious, Thorfin and Pock’s battle in the streets didn’t turn out quite so well. Pock was able to escape, but Thorfin, after an attempt to run for it, was knocked unconscious and captured. (It really wasn’t his day.)

After the battle Vashkyrai’s cards spread out in front of her and she was able to draw two final cards and choose one to leave the deck’s blessing or curse as it left. She drew and chose the Vizier, allowing her to use Consult Oracle or Consult Fate once per day.

Unfortunately, more Githzerai showed up and, after reuniting us with Thorfin and Pock, brought us to an earth mote in the Elemental Chaos. We were brought to a facility which, we later learned, used the siphoned off power of captured arcane magic users to contain beings of “great evil”. Since the Githzerai were impressed by our combat prowess and general competency, we were given the option to go on a quest to free the Great Gith rather than become humanoid batteries. The Great Gith was the one who led the Githzerai and Githyankee people to freedom from the Mind Flayers and is now imprisoned by a devil as part of an agreement with Tiamat. We agreed to go on the quest, and were then escorted to an island in the Astral Sea where they would find us transportation to the Githyankee capital city: To’narath.

While on the island, Vashkyrai used Consult Oracle to ask five questions (of which I remember only four).

  • Who is behind the psychic attacks?
    • The Stars of the Great Beyond.
  • Where, specifically, is the Gith being held?
    • This question has no answer.
  • Why does it have no answer?
    • The Gith is not being held.
  • Where should we go to find the Gith?
    • To’narath.

Finally, we discussed what reason we would give for entering To’narath (specifically, what we were bringing to trade). Ideas and suggestions included

  • Dwarven ale
  • Selling arcane reagents
  • Selling potions
  • Thorfin using Lap of Luxury
  • Slavery
  • Prostitution


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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