Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor


Modelled after the signet rings worn by the dragonborn emperors of Arkhosia, this item enhances your attacks, particularly if you are a dragonborn. Looks like a crown.

Gain a +3 item bonus to damage rolls with close attacks. If you are dragonborn, gain a +5 item bonus to damage rolls with your dragon breath.

Power Daily (Immediate Reaction):
Use this power when you become bloodied. Use one of your encounter powers. If you’ve reached at least one milestone today, you can use an encounter power that you have already expended. If you use a power that has not already been expended, you don’t expend the use of that power.


This was a gift given to Gesh by That Senate of Claus Dude. The Other members of the party received gifts as well during the same session.

Gesh likes this ring because it really helps to boost some of his damage but also in that it is a part of the Glory that used to be the Arkhosian Empire, some of which he hopes to become a part of.

Ring of the Dragonborn Emperor

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