Gesh Dovakin

A tall standing Dragonborn, wielding the fiery destructive might of his Draconic heritage.


A Dragonborn Sorcerer
Currently uses an Orb as an implement.

Has a pretty potent Dragon Breath weapon.

Wish List:

Next Level Of runic cloth armor (I like the arcana bonus)
boots of quickness ( to help out my very very low reflex defense)
Burning Gauntlets ( to deal out some pretty crazy fire damage as a daily. This one was my favorite)
Circlet of arkhosia( for being epic and dragon born ish)


Here is a basic rundown of what I have thus far for my back story.

The occasion of his birth was unique. The nature of his egg and his hatching was in a way that the dragonborn consider auspicious. His Egg seemed shimmer as if flames were being reflected off its semi metallic finish. This same effect followed to his scales after he was hatched.

During childhood, Gesh always felt a certain affinity towards fire, being able to control his dragon breath at a very young age. Fire breathing came easy to him and as he grew he soon found that he could manifest other forms of flame. Arcane Fire

This led to a bit of animosity between him and the rest of his tribe as they were wary of magic users and potential danger they were to those around them.

A little bit after reaching adulthood, (for Dragonborn that’s 15) there was an incident where Gesh accidentally lost control of some fire that he was casting while practicing. The resulting explosion left a number of huts destroyed and several Dragonborn severely burned.

This caused quite the uproar against him and Gesh feeling terrible for what happened and the people he hurt, thought it would be a good idea to set out on his own and to seek his fortune else where. Hoping to find others to teach him so that he can better control his Ability and to use it to protect others from harm.
Also like all draginborn, he is trying his best to follow his dragonborn sense of Honor and hopes to reclaim some of the glory that was the Arkosian Empire.

Gesh after traveling a while and having several adventures makes his way to Sigle where he eventually meets up with the current party.

Gesh Dovakin

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