Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-06-15: Into the Sewers

After finding nothing but dead bodies and lingering psychic power in both mage guilds, we decided there was nothing left to do but head into the sewers and face the cranium rats head-on. We found a sewer entrance as close as possible to a portal leading to the dwarven empire (in case we needed to make a hasty retreat from Sigil) and headed down.

We immediately felt a significant psychic presence. The sewer consisted of two five foot walkways on each side of a fifteen foot canal running through the middle. As we headed down-stream the passage occasionally branched off into tributaries, but we continued down the main passage. After traveling for a long time, we were suddenly ambushed by minotaurs, one of which had a breath weapon capable of petrifying those caught in it. Most of the group managed to stave off the effects, but Vashkyrai was turned to stone.

We decided that our first priority should be to Vashkyrai, so we loaded her up onto a Tensor’s Floating Disk and headed back the way we came. Before we had gone too far, we felt the ground shaking and saw something massive charging down the tunnel toward us. We were attacked by an enormous bull-like creature followed by a swarm of smaller bulls. This creature also had a petrification breath, but we all managed to avoid being turned to stone. Upon being defeated, it’s huge body slumped down into the canal and started blocking up the flow. As the water level began to rise we continued racing back the way we had come.

With still some ways to go before we would get back to the entrance, we came to a solid stone wall creating a dead-end. We determined that the wall was an extremely powerful illusion put up by the rats to stop us. With everyone assisting him, Tavni altered the illusion to create a door in the wall that we could open and pass through.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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