Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-05-25: Back to Sigil

We began the session having just spoken to the shadar-kai and gotten their side of the story. We discussed the matter and concluded that now was not the best time to get involved in a conflict with the only other major school of magic. We decided to head back to the Dark Brotherhood to finish the games but assured the shadar-kai that we bore them no ill-will.

We used the Coils of the Balcanoth to travel back to the main cavern from which we approached the complex (so as not to give away our means of travel). Upon arriving, Aegis turned in the gem before spending the rest of the day studying anatomy in the Dark Brotherhood’s library, Ghesh comforted his semi-depressed drakonsteed, and Ecthelion began instructing his new students in the ways of swordmagic. The next day, during the closing ceremonies, Aegis was awarded an Orb of Sudden Insanity, and it was announced that Phoenix would be hosting the next year’s mage games. Before we left, the Grandmaster called us into his study and wanted to make sure that we hadn’t been given any ideas from the Shadar-kai about opposing the Dark Brotherhood. We assured him that our primary concern was keeping the dwindling number of magic users as high as possible.

We used the Coils of the Balcanoth to travel back to our fortress by all working together to lift Ghesh’s drakonsteed just enough to bring it with us. From there Ghesh and Tavni traveled to the Astral Sea to deal with Ghesh’s fire people while Ecthelion, Vashkyrai, and Thorfin set about preparing our fortress as a safe-haven for magic users and situating our first set (the five mages we saved during the mage games). Aegis presumably spent the time in Tavni’s lab making potions.

Over the course of the next week and a half, we had the dwarves begin mining out the mountain to create more room while simultaneously building a stone village atop the mountain for Ghesh’s fire people. Tavni created small gems that would sustain the fire people’s life force, but could not replace the ones that had already died. Three of the five mages that we rescued were wizards and they required that we allow them to retrieve their belongings before they would settle in. We were not comfortable with them traveling alone, so we split up and escorted each of them.

With everyone situated and the dwarves beginning their task, we decided to go to Sigil to deal with the Cranium Rats. We swung by our old Guild Hall to find a large large family of halflings occupying it. They hadn’t seen or heard from any rats, but they did mention that the minotaurs had all but disappeared. Elvewyn’s old house was empty with a lingering psychic aura, which seemed to be the remnants of Elvewyn as well as something else. In addition, the dust that had built up on the floor had been disturbed semi-recently. As expected the minotaur headquarters was empty and also had lingering psychic energy from the rats.

From there we went to the Arcane Brotherhood, where we found everybody dead. There was no trace of any magic items and all of the books in the library that pertained to arcane magic were missing. After spending an uneventful night in a tavern we made our way to the “Snooty Mage’s Guild”. After getting past the oblivious guards at the gate, we found that everyone here was also dead. Likewise there were no magic items and all of the books of arcane magic had been removed from the library. Upon attempting to detect magic we sensed psyonic power, but no arcane magic whatsoever.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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