Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-05-11: The Mage Games Continued

We began last session in the middle of the first Mage Games competition: teleported to a random tunnel in the ShadowDark with the task of making it back to the Dark Brotherhood compound alive. We had just finished dealing with a Shadar-kai caster and group of Earth Elementals, when we noticed that Pock had gone missing. Apparently deciding not to bother looking for him, we followed Tavni’s hand of fate down the tunnel.

We eventually came to a convergence of several tunnels. After using Hand of Fate to determine the next tunnel to take we heard metallic footsteps coming from down one of the tunnels. It turned out to be a very bedraggled group of mages lead by the warforged who we had met at the last mage games and who had helped us defeat Ssynthia. Because we had just lost a party member and the warforged (whose name we learned was Aegis) was not at all impressed with his current group, we decided to join forces.

We traveled down the tunnel and were soon attacked by another Shardar-kai caster with a group of water elementals. After defeating them, Thorfin attempted to use the Coils of the Balcanoth to get back to the compound and succeeded. With the knowledge that we could use the Coils of the Balcanoth to get back, we then discussed whether or not it would be cheating, whether or not that mattered, and what we should do about the mages. In the end, we used the Coils of the Balcanoth to transport the mages (who just wanted to get out of there) to the town around the mountain from our fortress and then used Phantom Steeds to race back to the compound (during which we didn’t run into any more problems).

Upon arriving, we were approached by the Dark Brotherhood who asked us what challenges we faced on the way back and didn’t seem at all surprised to hear about the Shardar-kai and elementals. The seemed rather shifty when asked about it so Tavni went to talk to the Gradmaster. After dancing around for a little bit (verbally), he admitted that the shadar-kai were their greatest enemy and that they were indeed using the Games as an opportunity to thin the enemy ranks. Once the other two teams returned (the Dark Brotherhood team lost a couple of members and the final team only had two members remaining), we were announced the winners and presented with the prize: 5,000gp and a Cloak of the Walking Wounded, which the Dark Brotherhood had created themselves out of souls.

The next day the second event of the games took place: a free-for-all treasure hunt. Each contestant was given a gem that would get colder as they got closer to the goal. Riding on Phantom Steeds and following the gems and Hand of Fate, we found a man-made crevice along the wall of a tunnel. Inside we found a small room with sparse living arrangements. Suddenly, out from the shadows, we were attacked by a group of shadar-kai from within the room and a tentacled cave creature from outside the room. When the leader of the shadar-kai was defeated, his body dematerialized and his soul was drawn into the nearest gem. We defeated the tentacle creature and the shadar-kai, knocking two of them unconscious.

Tavni’s Grim Interrogator ritual was entirely ineffective, but they didn’t seem particularly tight-lipped when we just asked them questions. They didn’t know where the elementals came from (though the person whose soul we took would have known), but their response to why they had attacked us was because we were with the Dark Brotherhood. When asked why they were against the Dark Brotherhood, they responded that their practice of Necromancy was an abomination to the Raven Queen. Also, Necromancy. They were actually curious as to why WE weren’t against the Dark Brotherhood. We concluded with the realization that we might not necessarily be on the right side here.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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