Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-04-20: The Mage Games

First of all, don’t forget to level up to 14 before next session.

We began last session having just run through Elvewyn’s portal to escape Gith and her insistence that we must be killed in order to fulfill the prophecy. The portal lead into a cave-like room full of glowing purple crystals. Elvewyn said that he had been the one to tell Zerath to use arcane users for his mission (and therefore it was he who had altered the fate of the githyanki). He was well aware of the mindflayer incursion wanted to mobilize the two races in preparation. He then proceeded to usher us through many different rooms, all very different from each other: from plane stone rooms to cavernous rooms with towering ceilings beyond sight to scorching hot rooms. They all seemed to be in different locations on different planes and they all contained shelves upon shelves packed full of books. As we walked through he began telekinetically pulling out different books and handing them to Thorfin and Tavni. Finally he opened a door leading into Tavni’s laboratory, and bid us farewell.

Upon arriving back to Tavni’s lab we finally opened the long avoided “bio-hazard door”. We had no trouble dealing with the oozes and the aberrant creature was dead. They had probably been feeding it and, with anything left to eat, it must have starved.

We spent the next two weeks before the mage games renovating and making additions to our fortress, including Windows of Escape, magic beds, and Tavni’s ritual to make doors open and fires light automatically and allow us to change the appearance of the walls and ceilings to be like the sky.

After two weeks, we set out to the mage games, which were being hosted by the Dark Brotherhood in the Shadowdark (the Underdark of the Shadowfell). With Ghesh on his Drakkensteed and the rest of us on Phantom Steeds, we traveled to a graveyard portal to the Shadowfell; then followed Hand of Fate to a Ruin full of graves; in which we found a cellar with a staircase leading down and down and down for eight hours before opening into a largeish cavern where we took an extended rest, though not a particularly restful one (i.e. it would not replenish healing surges or daily powers). Upon completing our rest we were met by a Wraith who said, “Come this way.” We followed the wraith down tunnels and then into a large open cavern (“Stay close”) until we came to a huge tower structure made of black stone.

The entrance to the compound was guarded by two skeletons. Standing just outside was River, the shifter druid from the Arcane Brotherhood, whom they wouldn’t let inside on account of her not being an arcane user. She informed us that all of the arcane users in Sigil were dead and that it was entirely our fault. She asked us to pass on the message and said that she would go back to the natural world and see what she could do there.

Upon entering we were approached by members of the Dark Brotherhood who told us that the primary mage games had been canceled due to lack of attendance (we were the only other magic school to show up). We told them that we had just been made aware that all of the arcane users in Sigil had been killed, to which they responded that this had confirmed their suspicions. When we asked if there was some authority to whom we could communicate this message, they told us that the Dark Brotherhood isn’t as structured as most other schools and that they don’t have a formal hierarchy, though we could talk to the Grandmaster. (We were told to just look for an extremely tall Dark Brotherhood member.) They said that they would still be holding the secondary events and we were welcome to take part. As for lodging, any buildings not guarded by skeletons were open to the public.

Also, the Dark Brotherhood members said that two people, by the names of Clog and Mereth, were looking for Ecthelion. The two turned out to be a half-orc and an elf who wished to study sword-magic and had been sent by Grubble the Magnaflorious with a note that said “You’re It.” Ecthelion agreed to take them on for a probationary period.

The next day at the gathering for the games, the Grandmaster made the announcement about the magic users in Sigil and said that traditions must continue on. The participants were then divided into groups (those in a school with their school) and, for the first round, sent through a portal to a random tunnel in the Shadowdark with the simple task of finding their way back.

Once in the tunnel, we took the direction indicated by Tavni’s Hand of Fate, where we soon ran into a Shadar-Kai and several Earth Elementals. After taking a short rest we suddenly realized we were missing someone; Pock was no where to be found.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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