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Adventure Log 2013-04-06: Vlaakith and the Fate of the Githyanki

At the beginning of last session we had just interrogated our newly captured mindflayers and learned that the mindflayers are in the process of invading the natural world and we are on their hit list. The next day Ghesh, Tavni, Thorfin, and Pock traveled around the mountain (first by Drakkensteed and then by the Balconoth’s coils) to the place where the Mindflayers had been summoned. They found a circular glade that was corrupted. The area was saturated with Far Realm energies that were slowly spreading and corrupting the surrounding area. They found the now corrupted and aberrant bodies of the summoners, all of which had a tattoo of the symbol of Tharizdun, the chained god. Tavni, with a little of Thorfin’s, help inscribed a magic circle around the area to prevent the corruption from spreading and then used Commune With Nature to to ask a shrub where the cultists had come from, to which it responded “from the rock”. After determining that it was referring to the mountain, they tracked the cultists back to a cave where they found the residue of a portal, probably from the natural world. The exact origin of the portal could not be determined, but whoever created it must have been very powerful (more powerful than any of the cultists).

After they arrived back at the fortress, and after some discussion of how to transport the mindflayers to Tu’Narath, Pock attempted to travel on the Balconoth’s coils to Lady Arashtina’s chamber in Tu’Narath… and succeeded. A little shocked, he quickly traveled back. Over the course of a few more back-and-forth travels (first to outside the complex and then directly into her chamber (“What is this magic?” “It’s a long story”) ), we told her that we had obtained proof of the mindflayer incursion in the form of two captured mindflayers before bringing them to her. Tavni repeated the interrogation on the Mastermind and he told her everything he had told us. Lady Arashtina then took great joy in killing the now unnecessary Unseen One.

Lady Arashtina then informed us that since our last visit, Vlaakith had stepped up her efforts to deify herself and that we needed to move now. While Lady Arashtina marshaled her forces and prepared to reveal herself, we were to get into Vlaakith’s palace and prevent her from becoming a goddess. (As for getting into the palace, if we had trouble, we were to tell Osyrimon that Gith required his service.) Vlaakith was trying to draw on the divine spark of The One in the Void: the creature on which Tu’Narath was built. Vlaakith’s castle was in the creature’s head.

Two of Lady Arashtina’s githyanki lead us through the sewers to a grate that opened near the castle steps. Remarkably, we were able to get past the front guards and to the thrown room doors without being detected (turns out the “palace” consists of a hallway and a throne room). We pulled open the massive doors and entered.

Inside we saw groups of githyanki gathered around nine glowing latticework cupolas and in the center of the room on a dais was a tall, undead githyanki woman: presumably Vlaakith. At the base of the dais were three “abominations”: the result of Vlaakith’s attempt to mix githyanki and red dragons. Etched into the floor of the large room was the outline of the six-armed being on which Tu’Narath was built. The cupolas, which were encasing astral diamonds, were positioned on key points around the figure’s body (one at the end of each arm, one in the center of the torso in front of the dias, one in the head, and one where the legs would have started). Vlaakith greeted us and mentioned the prophecy that Lady Arashtina had told us about. We attacked.

Vlaakith was channeling the energy from the being through the astral diamonds in order to deify herself, so we needed to use various methods to delay her long enough for us to destroy the cupolas. The githyanki gathered around each cupola were focusing on protecting them, so we needed to defeat all of a cupola’s protectors before we could destroy it, all the while being assaulted by the abominations and the occasional spell from Vlaaketh.

As the fight wore on, suddenly the doors of the throne room blew off their hinges and Lady Arashtina (looking significantly more powerful than she had earlier) stood in the doorway. Vlaakith addressed her as Gith. Gith then charged up to the dais and began dueling Vlaakith. As we continued attempting to destroy the cupolas, it was obvious that Gith was much more powerful than Vlaakith and was beating her pretty badly. Vlaakith started going on about how Gith was just going to kill us when she was done, and Vlaakith didn’t seem to be lying. Gith simply said, “It’s nothing personal.”

After we had destroyed half of the cupolas, Gith overcame her opponent and cut Vlaakith clean in two. She then turned to us and said that the prophecy foretold that once the fate of the githyanki had been decided, she was to destroy us (or at least that’s a paraphrase of her interpretation). She then approached Ecthelion and stabbed him, and every member in the party felt it. Suddenly, a glowing purple portal appeared emanating not aberrant power (as we first expected) but psychic. Then Elvewyn stepped through and greeted us all with “Thank goodness for varied interpretations” and we all fled through the portal.


Phinehas Phinehas

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