Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-03-23: Mindflayers Obtained

We began last session having just finished defeating a mindflayer and a couple of Far Realm creatures in the town around the mountain from our dwarven fortress. An old man came shuffling toward the building we were in, attacked us by trying to drain Ecthelion, and was quickly followed by another eye-dog creature and two mindlfayers (a Mastermind and an Unseen One). Caiphon, in exchange for some health from each member of the party, told Pock that the old man was a Herald of Hadar. We killed the Herald and the eye-dog and knocked the two mindflayers unconscious. To contain them, we tied them up and put them inside magic circles on Tensor’s floating disks. The dwarves of the town thanked Thorfin for saving them before we headed back to our Fortress. Once there, Tavni secured our prisoners in magic circles in separate rooms before interrogating them using one of his secret rituals: grim interrogator.

He interrogated the Unseen One first. The mindflayer told us that they attacked the dwarven town in order to kill us as part of a larger plan. The mindflayers are beginning an invasion of the natural plane in order to establish a new Illithid Empire. He said that it is getting easier for them to break through into our world. The defenses have grown thin, there are fewer and fewer entities that are able to keep them out, and there are entities in our world who are helping them in.

He said that we are doomed. Killing us is an important part of their plan, so they will continue to send stronger and stronger forces at us until we are defeated.

Next we interrogated the Mastermind, though he didn’t know too much more than the Unseen one. They are working with a group and/or some higher entity here in the natural plane. Their team was were brought here by a small group of mortals whose remains should still be scattered on the other side of the mountain. He said that we were easy to find because there are not that many powerful magic users. He said that the master brain whom he serves isn’t currently interested in any of the other planes, just the natural one. When asked about the githzerai and githyanki, he said that they were no longer worth being thralls and that they would be exterminated.

We then discussed various ways to bind them and get them to Tu’Narath. The closest portal to the Astral Sea is four days west of our fortress. Once there we would need to find a ship who’s captain would be able and willing to take us to Tu’Narath.


Phinehas Phinehas

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