Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-03-09: Lady Arashtina

We began last session in the middle of Tu’narath, where we would be attacked on sight by anyone we came across. We entered a skill challenge to evade the guards (and everyone else) while trying to find a place to hide and get our bearings. Thorfin used his dungeoneering to find a place in the sewers for us to hide temporarily, where we realized that there was some powerful psychic entity looking for us. Vashkyrai used Consult Oracle and found that the answer to who was looking for us, who brought down the dragons, and where we should go to find Gith, was all “Lady Arashtina”. Vashkyrai also discovered that Lady Arshtina was the leader of the Githyanki revolution and that her intentions toward us were not overtly hostile. We soon met up with a group of Githyanki who were sent to take us to this Lady Arashtina.

We met Lady Arashtina, who claimed to be the reincarnation of Vlaakith I: the step-mother of her people. The current queen of the githyanki, Vlaketh XXV, has turned herself into an undead abomination and must be overthrown. There is a prophecy saying that arcane power will be the deciding factor in the future of their race, hence both of their interest in us. Vlaakith would likely have used us in an attempt to gain god-hood, while Lady Arashtina wants our help in defeating Vlaakith.

We asked Lady Arashtina where Gith was, to which she responded in the Nine Hells being held as collateral by Dispater. After a brief discussion about whether Lady Arashtina was lying and why and who noticed, we told her about our mission from Zer. She seemed amused by this, and commented that “Zerith (or ‘Zer’ as he is apparently calling himself these days) is singing a different tune than he was 1800 years ago.” When we told her that he had said something was coming which was bigger than their differences, she said that the only possible reason for the githzerai and githyanki to rejoin would be under the threat of another mindflayer incursion. To this we told her about the rats and the mindflayers who attacked us. She said that she needed some verifiable proof that the mindflayers were coming back, both for her sake and in order to rally the githyanki behind her. If the githyanki will need to ally with the githzerai, they will need a strong leader.

With that she loaded us into crates and had us carried back to our ship. Unfortunately, our captain wasn’t too keen on having random, unknown cargo dumped onto his ship, so the githyanki left us sitting on the docks. It then took another skill challenge to get out of the crates and onto the ship, and then out of Tu’narath airspace without anybody noticing. Once we were out of Tu’narath, Thorfin used his Planar Loadstone to find a portal to the natural plane. Once there, Thorfin went off and discovered that there might be mindflayers in the little town near our fortress, so we headed off in that direction. Upon arriving we discovered that a small group of mindflayers had taken over most of the villagers and were using them to break into the temple of Moradin, where the last resistance was apparently holding up. Vashkyrai snuck into one of the buildings surrounding the town square and found not only a mindflayer but also two other aberrant beings: a large starlight creature and a strange one-eyed dog-like creature. We surprised and quickly defeated them. One down, three (ish) to go.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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