Lords of Magic

Adventure Log 2013-03-03: Tu'narath

Last session we continued our discussion from the previous week about what we were going to “trade” in order to get into Tu’narath. We decided on a combination of residuum and magic items (of which we had a few extra). As a fallback, Tavni cast Ironwood on the skiff in exchange for getting the captain to carve some wooden weapons for Tavni to also cast Ironwood on.

We learned that Githyanki society is very Spartan. From birth they are raised in military groups and rarely meet any of their immediate family. They build their cities on the bodies of dead gods and other powerful Astral beings. Finally, They are ruled by the Githyanki Lich Queen of Tu’narath: Vlaakith.

We arrived at Tu’narath, a buzzing but very dreary and dirty city built on the giant corpse of some six-armed humanoid creature. A Githyanki riding a red dragon took one of our magic items as tax before leading us to the merchant district: the only district in which we were allowed access. We paid the captain of the skiff to wait for us before heading off into the city.

After an initial look around, during which we didn’t really find much, we located an inn to spend the night. The next day, in the hopes of making some contacts, Tavni cast Ironwood on some catapults owned by a gnome. Meanwhile, Vashkyrai and Ecthelion did some nosing around. The latest rumor was that there was a group of mage’s who had just arrived in the merchant district and were offering magical services. The general feeling seemed to be that this was unusual enough that it might be considered dangerous.

That afternoon, Githyanki showed up at our room in the inn and demanded that we come with them; their only explanation being that it was “for the empress’s purposes.” They loaded us onto three red dragons (with Pock in one of the dragons’ mouths) and took off toward the center of the city.

As we were flying over the city proper, the dragons suddenly dropped out of the sky and we all began plummeting toward the ground. Tavni cast Feather Fall; allowing us to gently float to the ground while the Githyanki and dragons fell to their deaths. Upon reaching the ground, we were spotted by a small group of Githyanki and were immediately attacked. We fought them off, and are now in the middle of a city where we will be attacked and killed on sight.


Phinehas Mardmalkin

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